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Order Fulfillment Definition

Order fulfillment encompasses a broad process that includes inventory management, picking, pulling, packing and shipping product to customers. There may even be a few subtasks involved among those mentioned tasks.

Fortwix can handle all those tasks listed above and so many more. From the simplest to the most complicated of orders, we are here to serve you and your customers and make sure your experience is a pleasant one and leads to a long-term, mutually rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Every order we receive is evaluated to determine the best way to process and fulfill. We factor in whether it is being shipped domestically or internationally, or if it contains any hazardous materials or fragile items before making any determination.

As soon as a tracking number is generated by the carrier for a given order, both you and your customer will be able to check the status of the delivery in real-time.

Among other perks, you will enjoy specially negotiated, discounted rates at major carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and OnTrack when you partner with Fortwix. These special rates are otherwise not available to the general population.

We have a state-of-the-art order fulfillment system that automatically determines the carrier and shipping method that is most cost-effective. Every order will go through this same system.

Benefits of Our Order Fulfillment Services:


Every customer enjoys incredible discounts and savings regardless of the amount of business they bring to us. You do not have to have a high-ticket account holder to get the big savings.


Time in essence is money. Lost time cannot be reimbursed so we take speed seriously. Everybody expects their delivery on time and the business that consistently delivers quickly and accurately wins the day. By partnering with us, you will quickly gain the reputation of being a company that makes good on its promises and delivers faster than any other businesses out there. Speed is essential, and you will most definitely be the winner in the race when you partner with Fortwix.
All orders received by 2 p.m. are processed and shipped out that same day.


No one can promise you the amount of geographical coverage that we can offer. Our facilities are located EVERYWHERE in the U.S., which positions your product closest to its destination than your competition could ever hope. Resulting in super-fast fulfillment while enjoying substantial savings on shipping cost.


Tracking information is published as soon as it is generated by the carrier, so you and your customers can see the status of the package from the time it ships out until it arrives at their doorstep.


Our staff can help repackage your product into generic packaging or into branded packaging. Our name or logo will never appear on any packaging or paperwork. We are happy to work from the shadow. We can include any marketing materials you want with your order to boost your marketing and sales effort.

Stay Informed

All tracking and package information is updated in real-time, so you can see updates as they happen. You will know exactly what is going on and the status of all your orders when you need.

How Important is Order Fulfillment?

At the end of the day, speed rules in order fulfillment world. The sooner customers receive their order, the happier they will be and the better chance you will have to land a repeat sale.

Brick and mortar stores have one advantage over Online retailerss. They can hand products immediately to the customers. Online retailer must provide the next best thing – the fastest delivery possible while offering substantial savings in pricing.

By partnering with Fortwix, even small mom-and-pop businesses can compete with the retail giants. You can provide your customers with the same shopping experiences as the big-name retailers.

Fulfilling a customer order can be deceiving. There is so much more involved rather than just simply grabbing the item, packaging it up, and shipping it out.

Establishing a facility, pay for infrastructure, setup, maintenance, other overheads, hire and train a workforce, retain staff, insurance, legal obligation and other associated fees will overwhelm most startups. More often than not, these costs add up so much that a new startup is cost-prohibitive for most people.

Worried? Forget about it. We have you covered. We have everything you need to run an efficient order fulfillment center – at a fraction of the cost. We are professionals at this and by partnering with us you get fully-staffed facilities, the latest equipment, tools and software, and experience all for one low, affordable price.

What Keeps Our Customers Returning?

Consistency, quality, and dependability are what keeps our customers with us for years. Our distributed warehouse partners keep a close eye on your product and immediately notify you of any issues. This allows you to address issues before they become a real problem and before they can create problems for your customers.

We work hard to make the entire process pleasant and rewarding for you and your customers. Consistency and satisfaction are the keys and will tell your customers that they can come back time and time again and receive the same level of service and attention to detail on their 100th purchase as they did on their 1st.

Did you know?

There are lots of moving pieces in order fulfillment process. Where to store your product? How to ship your product? What carrier is the best for your needs? Inventory management is critical to the success of fulfilling orders. You need to know your inventory level, what’s coming in and the demand forecast for inventory items.

Customer Support

Got a question that you need answered now? Having issues with a certain order? Our customer service team is available around the clock to resolve your issues and answer your question. You can get hold of our customer service team by phone, email, or create a support ticket (support ticket option is only available to current customers with an active plan).

You can contact us by phone, email, or create a support ticket.*

*Please note that the support ticket option is only available to customers who have active accounts with us.

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