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At Fortwix, we are driven to help businesses succeed by providing them with the best services at an affordable price point. We are always implementing and adopting efficient ways to perform tasks and accomplish goals without sacrificing quality. We go above and beyond to ensure customer orders are processed in a timely manner while maintaining a near-perfect level of accuracy. Other companies look up to us as an example for a reason. We don’t just meet the bar; we set the bar of excellence.

Principle #1


While we have the recipe to success nailed down, as a startup, you may need a little elbow support. Fortwix places emphasis on assisting new businesses establish themselves, operate efficiently and be profitable sooner than later.

Principle #2


Our team members will ensure all our customers are well taken care of and they are satisfied with the level of service they are receiving. Each assignment is carried out with utmost diligence and professionalism. Our handling and processing of your products and orders will beat most, if not all in-house processes.

Principle #3


Technology has reshaped our lives in every way imaginable. Businesses have transformed, retail practices have been overhauled, commerce and banking have evolved – thanks to technology. Without adapting to the changing world, businesses will be lost in oblivion. Also, adopting new technology can improve and, in most cases, revolutionize your entire operation. There’s no reason to be sidelined when you can have Fortwix by your corner to help you make the most out of cutting-edge technology.

Principle #4


We are a customer-centric organization. Our business success is directly intertwined with our customers’ success. Everything we do here at Fortwix has our customers in the forefront of all considerations. We are not afraid to travel the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Principle #5


Today’s retail environment is nothing like what it used to be even five years ago. Customers expect speed, accuracy, free shipping, phenomenal service and they are budget conscious. Checking all theses boxes is a challenge of its own but not when you partner with Fortwix. Processing delay is not an option and we ensure the fastest shipping method is chosen for a given budget, so your customers are satisfied with the overall delivery experience.

Did you know?

Fortwix is an industry leader for good reasons. We put our customers first in everything we do. We embrace new technologies and find ways to utilize them that are unique to our industry. Our customers are very pleased with the service and professionalism we provide. We make good on our promises and our customers came to rely on us.

Customer Support

Got a question that you need answered now? Having issues with a certain order? Our customer service team is available around the clock to resolve your issues and answer your question. You can get hold of our customer service team by phone, email, or create a support ticket (support ticket option is only available to current customers with an active plan).

You can contact us by phone, email, or create a support ticket.*

*Please note that the support ticket option is only available to customers who have active accounts with us.

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